* 3 star superior
Even really good things can still be better. Within the framework of the German hotel classification by DEHOGA Sachsen e.V., the Hotel Torgauer Brauhof was given the 3-star-superior status. We are proud of this and show that we are still on the right track. Go with us. Thanks to all who helped.

* Fitness room
Our fitness room is our hotel guests from now again freshly renovated and prepared for sporting activities available.

* Wines from Cleebronn & G├╝glingen, selected from April in our house.


* PC counter from 26.02.2017
From February, a PC counter in the entrance area is available to our guests free of charge. Apps for current weather, menu or events in Torgau are already preinstalled. Internet search and print option included.

* New in our bowling center
In addition to our three-lane bowling alley, a kicker and a billiard table are also available for the game.

* Immediately we are ADFC Member (German Bicycle Club) We are very pleased that the ADFC Bed & Bike recommends us as a bicycle-friendly tourist accommodation.